Circumstance of Growth

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 02:28 -- ajonii

An Ignorance so bliss

An Arrogance so full

A Child like innocence 


From a world so cruel


Thrust into society 

By circumstance at hand

Losing at a race

I never should have ran


I stopped for a moment

To be pulled, undertow 

Am I a victim, or,

Should I just Grow


Crack, like lightning strikes

Life happens just like that

When one least expects

It hits you from the back 


A cancer diagnosis 

Is what struck me unaware

It took away all hope 

Replaced it with despair 


The pain of enduring

what never should have been

the thought of deaths release 

was never far from hand


living in apathy

a friend intervened 

he saw from afar

I was self-imploding 


He intervened with fate

He brought the will to live

He told me I could fight

He showed me how to win


I took the lesson taught

And looked back with insight

Seeing what was 

In a different light


I am a survivor

I live on in this life

I’m Forced to grow up 

taking reality in stride


I still fight to delay 

One reaper of lives

it continues to haunt me

Just Biding it’s time


A world unperturbed

It exists but doesn’t care

Emotions change with time 

With time fades the fear


The reaper will subdue me 

Tis Just a matter of when

So I will control my fate


Our next battle does begin.


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