The Circle of [my] Life

3 hundred 60 degrees

rotation after rotation

around my hip, neck, arms, legs

the sphere glides around my naked back

a mystical circle in constant motion.


Made of cheap plastic

that encases the liquid of life, water

the circle of life rejuvenates my body

pleasure circulates through my nerves sending shots of oxytocin to my spirit

I am alive, I am happy, I am well


Dance with it, exercise with it, learn with it

Twirling with the beat of a musicians drum

Sweating with the pressure of a trainer's hum

Loving with the passion of a lifelong sun

It's a widely enjoyed movement


The Natives used it to tell their stories

made of grass and willow

Hawaiians sway their hips to its familiar flow

even helped name it,

that thin ring of simplicity


I was born a natural, unlike most

and look forward to its intimate touch

we find each other's side

the hoop and I,

we'll be inseparable all through life



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