Circle of Life

Sat, 06/22/2013 - 23:46 -- rosey35

Life is a chocolate chip cookies,

A smile, the milky chocolate chips.

How they melt, it's her laugh on a

sugary day.

And things are sweet and

surprising, until

Greed settles forth, a sick hunger


Bite off too much, and the whole

cookie breaks.

A crisis that matches no mixing

bowl winds,

Haste makes waste, and a bitter


Those days that are cold, they're

the crumbling mess,

Sending death and purses, it's

those dark chocolate chips.

The unmixed baking powdery

white, the surprises in life that

bring emotional strife.

But slowing down and chewing

the fat,

Makes a cookie much better, for

every taste matters.

Life is born into batter and baked

to perfection,

But no human is so, and no cookie


Each rounded edge, a doughy

circle of life.


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