Circadian Rhythms


Circadian Rhythms 


Have you ever noticed

the circulation of the sun? 

If you listen closely, 

you can hear it ticking, ticking. 

It wakes the birds daily, 

and they chime us into action. 

When the birds sleep, we sleep. 

Only nocturnals defy light. 

My sun-induced habits

bring warmth and pattern to my day. 

I cannot learn or try 

when the sun can't be felt or seen. 

I don't think we realize

how big of a part the sun plays. 

Earth is the audience

and space is the infinite stage. 

What makes me tick?, you ask. 

In truth, I do not tick; I live.

The sun is the clock, and

I am the mouse that runs up, down. 

Everything has its time; 

good things for those who wait with the sun. 


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