Cinderella's Twin

Once upon a time 

Is how stories usually begin 

But this story has a twist 

It's the tale of Cinderella's twin 


Few people have heard

Of Lena Tremaine 

Who's tale was forgotten 

When she was sent to Cannes 


After their father passed away 

Lena was shipped off 

By her evil stepmother 

To live ith her Uncle Stroganoff 


Lady Tremaine kept Ella 

To make her cook and clean 

While Lena was able 

To live like a queen 


Uncle Stroganoff 

Was a kind and gentle man 

With a robust gut 

And skin that was tan 


He loved little Lena 

He made sure she was content 

Buying her clothes and jewels 

Whatever she wanted he would relent


And so Lena seemed 

The luckier of the two 

For she bathed in riches 

While Cinderella was left feeling blue 


Lena only saw Ella once more 

One night at a ball 

But she didn't recognize her sister 

In her blue dress and diamond shall 


Lena didn't realize 

The her sister was present 

And never got to say hello 

Before away Ella went 


Lena and Ella 

Twins from afar 

Grew up so different 

Under the same set of stars 


One was left to a house 

That she slaved in day and night 

While the other was blessed 

With everything just right 


But don't feel too bad 

For sweet Ella the maid

Because she found true love 

And a status upgrade


Lena was the apple 

Of her uncle's old eyes

While sweet Ella became 

A queen who was very wise 


So now you have heard 

The tale of Lena Tremaine 

The twin sister of Cinderlla 

Who earned all the fame 


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