Cinderella - the unpopular opinion

Sun, 08/06/2017 - 17:25 -- tlp15dk

Cinderella, the beautiful mistreated princess who met her prince and lived happily ever after.  We always hear the story of her and how her dreams came true after sneaking out to go to the ball, where she lost her glass shoe. However, let's pay attention to the story untold. The story of the evil step-mother and how her story unfolds.  Lady Tremaine, that was her name. She lived an awful life then eventually became the ideal wife.  A popular socialite with two two daughters of her own. No one ever knew that she felt so alone. Lady Tremaine's first husband did not love her. Instead, he did nothing but try to disown her.  She never felt loved or valued by her man. Instead, she felt as if the torture just began. To escape the prison known as marriage, she had to kill to no longer feel the disparage.  No one ever knew her deep darkest secret. She will forever live with no regret.  A little after the murder, she met Cinderella's father. A handsome, rich man, who had a lot of time on his hands.  Lady Tremaine and her two young daughters gathered their belongings and met their new father. He had a daughter of his own, beautiful as can be. She was even gorgeous to the ones who could not see. The two daughters started feeling insecure. Their mother did not like that and started acting amateur.  Killed once before she could do it again. Nothing to her felt better than killing a man Cinderella's father was soon pronounced dead. Her last time seeing him was on his deathbed.  Lady Tremaine became narcissistic for prestige after her first husband killed her soul with years of unfortunate mistreat.  Now, you know the tale of Lady Tremaine. The story untold of a woman, who turned very vain. 

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