Cinderella Retold

For you have heard the story of Cinderella told, 

but don't be fooled, the true story is about to unfold. 


Pleasing on the eye, as beautiful as can be, 

Cinderella’s outer appearance was simply greatness to a tee. 


But real life isn't a fairy tale, and as we all know, 

beauty fades, its the sad truth, at some point it will go. 


When Cinderella learned of the ball, she was as ecstatic as can be.
After all, she knew she was much prettier than you or me. 

Yet her stepmother knew of her vanity.

On the inside, Cinderella’s heart was nothing short of catastrophe.


She was impatient and rude,

Cruel and often in an ill mood

She often would swear and use language that was just plain crude.  


Stepmother understood what Cinderella could really be, 

so she hatched a plan to let her down softly. 

“My dear Cinderella, you are beautiful don't you see? 

However, your heart is simply nasty. 

You are full of self-love, pride, and vanity

Wouldn't you choose someone else if the heart was what you actually see?” 


Cinderella threw a fit and ran away from home, 

She told those who asked her stepmother was evil, and sent her out to roam. 


She made up a story about how she did all the chores, 

how her step-siblings were rude and placed her behind locked doors. 

She claimed they ripped apart her dress for the ball, 

Jealous of her beauty, and after all, it’s not her fault her siblings closely resembled the narwal. 


A fairy godmother was strolling through town, 

desperate to find someone perfect to marry into the crown. 

She heard about Cinderella’s stories and pitied the girl

And seeing she was beautiful gave her magic wand a whirl. 


A beautiful new dress was placed on Cinderella, as well as the famous shoes, 

The rest is history as we know it, commonly told, old news.


But what goes unsaid is the story of the Princes marriage and the unpleasantness ahead. 

He was infatuated with her looks, and it wasn't long until they wed. 


Not long into the marriage it became plain to see, 

The prince would not enjoy her terrible personality.


He was dumbfounded and more or less shook,

 soon to be king and he married a lying scoundrel, a crook! 


Unhappiness ruled their lives until their end, 

If only he thought, I had married my earlier girlfriend! 


Now we see the Prince selected a wife with his eyes and not his heart, 

so remember when you choose someday that the heart is the most important part. 




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In my life I have seen many examples of love. Some good and some bad. I wanted 

my poem to be a reminder for those that are searching for love to search after aspects 

in others that really matter. I want my poem Cinderella Retold to not just be pretty 

words in a row, but actual insight that can make one think. Thank you for taking the 

time to read my poem and I hope you enjoy. 

God bless, 

             Ian Dahl 

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