Cinderella Makes Her Own Destiny.

I wish

I wish

I wish

This mantra plays in my head

Making dazed



As I scrub these halls

and my stepsisters call me

I am tired of waiting

of hoping

of dream

Nothing happens when you sit

Comfy in servitude.


If you know what you want,

then you go

and you find it

and you get.

Today the chores are not done.

Today this is my new mantra.


I fish in my stepsisters' closets

to find a dress they have discarded.

I creep


even though they have already gone.


Frock on

Shoes slipped

Hair curled

I feel tight in my chest.

I run to our old horse

hitch a ride

and fly.


I am late

I smell of horse

and hair wind blown.

Everyone stares at me

as I walk down .

My eyes float to my feet

and try to not meet anyone's eyes.

"May I have this dance"

Face front

A second away from the prince.


I mumble

a trait I hate about myself.

He smiles and tilts his head

Hand outstretched.

I try again

"I may smell of horse."

He laughs


and serene.

"I am quiet found of that smell."

I take his hand without a word

and dance till we are the last ones at the ball. 


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