Cinderella the Deceiver


United States
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Cinderella, a wench,

slopped her way into the castle.

“I’m cleaning,” she’d say

though the words were a lie.


She listened and learned,

plotted and planned.

Her fearsome deed was coming,

for the time was drawing nigh.


The festival, the ball,

she felt it in her bones.

A time to kill her ‘sisters’,

she’d come to take the throne.


Her disguise as dust was finished

she reunited with her gown

and with the prince locked in her sights

she’d take over the whole town.


Step-mother tried to warn him,

step-sisters trashed the dress.

This only brought the godmother,

more power for Cindy to possess.


Tricking him was easy,

he wasn’t one too wise.

Cinderella took it all from him.

What’s next? His demise.



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