Cinderella Cinderella

Cinderella Cinderella

Oh how she was a lucky fella

With a rich daddy that married my mom

With his death finally came her bomb

So yes she may have been hurt

But I made sure she went down to the dirt

From cleaning my bathroom to cleaning the sink

It was not even that bad I did think

Cinderella Cinderella

Oh how she use to make me a miserable fella

I didn’t just clean the sink id bleach it

While she would sit there and spit

I just wanted her to experience her pain

And how it feels on the bottom of the chain

Cinderella Cinderella

Oh how did she become a lucky fella

One night away and she meets a prince

That really made our family wince

Cinderella Cinderella

Oh how you turned me into infamous sister Anastasia


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