C.I. Freedom

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 20:45 -- SAGAX
Noise is overwhelming,
My ability to hear is a gift,
Yet it can also be a burden.
Sometimes there are just too many sounds.
Its radio static interferes with my thoughts,
My flow.
But I can turn it off.
The moment I pull away the magnet of my device,
I feel an internal wind of fresh air blow through me.
I’m free from the machine,
From its weight on my ears,
And from the stress of understanding human speech.
Exquisite is the feeling,
Being one hundred percent me.
The hush calms my troubled thoughts.
Through a new window,
Unbroken, and
The world looks so crisp and clean.
I can think,
I can breathe,
I can dream.
And though it’s only temporary,
I am free.
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