Intestinal gastrin flooding my

esophagus to make my stomach

drop every time I see that color,

the other type of car, rolling

making every other person

look duller

the swelling of the lymph nodes

the engorging of the eyes

faster goes the heart

    and much to my demise

I get the same feelings

I once got with you.

I prayed I wouldn't see one when I

did see yours passing by me

in the midst of war

the battlefield city

that must be here

in holds everything of us

our blood, sweat and tears

in a disgust of grills and pseudo-Grenada

  if you didn't realize it then

well, goddamn it, you oughta

and realize how the epinephrine

exaggerates my nervousness

whenever I see that car

rolling along the battlefield

whoever you think you are.


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