The one I can go to when I’m upset.

The one I take my anger out on when

someone else upsets me.


The one who puts up with my fanatical

lies, my mood swings, busy schedules

times 3 when I can’t keep up with one

and outlandish phases.


The one that shows me unconditional

love and in return only ask for a clean



Mom I can’t begin to tell you how

sorry I am. I’m sorry for the deception.

I’m sorry for not being there when you

needed me because there’s not a time

when you aren’t there for me.


I’m sorry for being selfish, for not

understanding that aren’t superwoman.

I’m sorry for not seeing beyond your

facade in front of people.


I became so used to you doing everything

that I forgot check on you. I forgot that

everyone needs someone. I forgot to be

that someone.


You made me the person I am and are

the exact representation of who I want

to be- strong, caring, loving.

I couldn’t ask for more.


Mom, how?

How do you love me without hesitation

with all that I’ve put you through?

How can you cry the tears of anxiousness

then smile like its nothing?

How do you carry the world on your shoulders

while running full speed, without missing

a step?


Mom, if there was a word stronger than love,

I’d use it. I adore you, I cherish you because

I know you feel the same about you.


This poem is about: 
My family


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