Christian's Can't Be Possessed


How could it eat you alive,

look through your eyes

and control your every move.

Your poor soul was taken with the

rough grasp of satan’s heavy palm.

The torture and the pain that…

weakened your strength in the gospel.

Weakened your strength in the red juices

pumping through your veins that lead

to the heart which was once directed

to your strength in God himself.

How does that feel?

It has a hot sensation over your left breast.

Pumping steadily.

Allowing you no rest.

You’re alone.

You are no longer you.

Your eyes cry for help.

To whom no hearts are open.

Belief in God slipped away.

All too sudden.

Allowing it to enter you,

that wasn’t you!

It was not you.

Christians cannot be possessed.

All the pain you went through,

did you sacrifice your life?

In order to kill this demon.

Or were you murdered?

Murdered by the hands of the underworld?

I believe this is a crime scene.

No rope to hang, but to strangle.

A dirty job, indeed.

No fingers prints of a humans trace.

A dried tear, and your lips,

that were once used to kiss,

your son and daughter, were

as purple as a plum’s skin,

While in his mind I imagine

screaming, falling, and gripping onto

the hopes of heaven.

Finger tips slowly slipping.. lights fading.

Above the flames, while

broken hearts and damned souls

are pinching, grabbing, and holding

onto his skin, arms, legs and clothing,

shaking off these sins, he makes his

prayers solemn.

And as he feels the last bit of pure air slipping

out from his lips,

A burst of wind cools his face

and grabs him out of this hell.

And as God reaches,

preventing him of drowning,

He says to him..

No christian shall dwell in hell.

Satan cannot win,

Over this body I’ve joyfully

created out of love.

I cannot allow him to take over.

Your soul is mine, no need to cry,

I see the hurt in your eyes.

You are now stronger in this

kingdom I have created

I am God.

You are my child,

I brought you onto Earth,

to be able to guide you

onto the land of blessings.


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