Christian Town

                                         Christian Town


Mecca of Christianity,

In a reclusive Amish village,

Keep the Bible commandments,

Practice Christian faith,

A simple,sincere,and godly life.  


Flat lands,stunned houses,

Still embrace days of oil lamps,

Man’s wide-brimmed straw hat,sling trousers,

Woman wearing monochromatic long skirt ,

And a scarf with hooded white cap.


Dotted by high barns in farm fields,

Chicken call echoed to dog bark,

Horse-drawn plows,

Black carriages come to greet …

With rhythmic hoofed sound.


Now,I recite and admire–

Long,long,long time age,

A Chinese ode “Song of the Land”;   

Work at sunrise,

Rest at sundown.

Dig wells for drink,

Cultivate crops for food.

What does Emperor's power matter to me?


This harmonious,self-sufficient Utopia, in–






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