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(poems go here) No more games.
I need to know
Since we can't seem to figure it out,
I'm going slow my roll and speak out loud.
Situations pissing me off, how you tend to switch up,
When really you don't even know what's truly up.
Trying my hardest to hold on for the whole 9 yards,
But YOUR unclear just how far the yards may fall.
Over and over you tend to keep slipping off,
Were not on the playground anymore riding the see-saw.
One minute it's "I don't want to talk no more",
The next minute your quick to be SORRY,
Begging to be back in my sheets.
Love isn't easy, I know I've been there before,
Communication, the first step will always be the hardest.
Committment, paves the stretched road to our happiness,
I've given many suggestions, and explanations when i didn't have to.
With no guards up when it comes to making an US,
I'm putting myself all up front.
You need to figure out if US is what you want,
Or is it an act to get your Hit & Run!
I'm not a psychic, I don't read minds,
In a perfect world I'd honestly try.
I'm close to an end with your Choosy-Chosen spit,
Do us both a favor and decide,
Your either all in? Or just be done with it.


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