Choosing My Path

The future is near, I am in fear,

I don't want to hide behind the mask,

Your support and acceptance is all I ask,

Mom, Dad please listen,

I don't what to be in a medical position,

Why can't you understand,

This is who I am,

Movies and art is my passion,

Animation is my decision,

This is the career I chose,

If you do what you love, you never lose,

Please, just hear me out.


Every family gatherings, I hear their voice,

They kept teasing me of my career choice,

'Animation is a waste of time. Choose a more useful career.

Like a doctor, it is better for your life.

Why can't you be like you friend over there'

Quit comparing me to others,

Mother, father,

Can't you see,

I am not the daughter,

That can go to Harvard,

You're stressing me out,

I'm in so much pain,

My anxiety is eating me,

Growing every day,

It is hard to keep it in,

If I let it out, you would say.

'Quit being weak'

'Stop crying'

'It is not a big deal'

Please, just hear me out.


Can't you see I need help,

I can't do this on my own,

I am scared of being a failure,

And a disappointment,

Taking the next step is so hard,

I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown,

Stop pushing me around,

I can't take it anymore,

Stop, the pressures too much,

Quit it! I had enough.

I am tired of apologizing for being me,

I can’t be the perfect daughter you want me to be,

I won't apologize anymore,

It is time for me to choose my own door,

I won't let you or anyone push me around,

And I won't back down,

It is time to take charge of my life,

It is time to follow my dream,

And I won't let anyone or anything get in my way.


This poem is about: 
My family


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