When a girl cuts

her pink ribbons off

her hair


 she is given

the chance of freedom,

adulthood, and the chance

to save her innocent soul


it is her choice to 

go to the graveyard

where she stands in front

of a mountain

of lost toys and

forgotten hopes

and dreams


It is guarded by

a monster


he marks his territory

with bite marks on her

toys and dreams

and hopes thrown into 

the fire


with his hand

holding a handful

of toys

and a hand holding

hopes and dreams


he asks "what can I get for you, little girl?"

her hand is like ash as it hopelessly

disengrates in the abys of forgotten


every toy is charred and

broken, every dream and hope

is burned, every choice is taken

from her


And so it goes

she chooses the most unlikely

thing a wind up toy that

plays broken-up music


she holds up the toy

in recognition and

walks away with 

the only hopes and dreams she

needs a voice

telling her she has



This poem is about: 
My family
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