Many are choices but one i'll make

many are wrong but risk i'll take

i'm wasting my time just thinking about it

i've got to make up my mind


I've got no clue what i'm doing

got no idea whats wrong or right

but i don't think no one will tell me what to choose so im just choosing anyways

cause theres no one to fight


How do i know if i'm gonna be successful there

how am i supposed to predict the future

can't someone out there just tell me what to do?

cause Ive got ABSOLUTELY no clue


Lost in a world with no direction

searching for something; introspection

try as i might, to feel in control

when all i ever play is the classic roll


so i'll choose what i choose cause i've got nothing else

stead of wasting my time just waiting

life has a way of figuring itself out

ill just rely on instinct and craving



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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