A Choice

You found me without searching,
 Said you loved me with all your heart
Then ran and did desert me
Once you helped me fall apart
I'll never see your face again 
I'll never hear your voice.
For you thought it best we not be freinds
Claimed we didn't have a choice.
But the choice was there, the choice you made,
Leaving me in the pouring rain.
I sit facing my future alone and afraid;
Afraid that I'll never escape this pain.
I only ever, at all times, always
Wanted forever to make you smile.
If only ever at this time in all ways
To do what hasn't been done in a while.
That would be, being for once, happy
Which is hard for me, being without you.
But it seems you're doing fine without me
If the very thing I hear is true.
So much for no choice in the matter,
When you left me and chose another.
For even though you love the latter,
I can't choose right now to love any other.


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