Chocolate covered deceit

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 22:42 -- thill50

The princesses stare at me with looks of innocence

Each tempting as pieces of candy

One cherry flavored taffy

The others blue raspberry gummies

I stared back with apathy and anxiety

Eyes filled with chocolate covered licorice

They surround me with like hyenas on a lioness cub

Disguised with dresses made from clouds

I, the cub stood there trying to finding an escape route

Trying to hide the holes

Dress made from the seeds and soil of the earth

 They cackled and transformed into witches

Eyes gleaming the colors of a sour green apple

Pouncing and clawing at me

Trying to please themselves from a small appetite

I manage to escape this time

But for how long?

Years go by and I’ve become a lioness

Eyes slowly becoming more and more black

No longer chocolate, but only licorice

Clothes hard and strong like bark on a tree

The princesses are back again

Staring at me with sugar filled sweetness

I stared back with overwhelming bitterness

As soon as they transformed,

I lunged and attacked them one by one

Turning their airy dresses into dirt like mine

I ripped out their candy filled eyes before they turn sour

As they cried thunderstorms onto the earth

They limped and ran into the bushes to recover

I walked away with pieces of candy between my teeth

I ate their eyes filling myself with sweetness

My eyes slowly became the chocolate it used to be


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