I dreamt of you last night,

clutching my chicken-skinny arms

breathing into my lips tinted blue

deforming my ribs as your image blurred,

your hands fluttering along my nose

and my neck and the hole where

my heart lies pulsing,

the brown-red sloshing,

drying on the canvas

like melted chocolate.


But in the snow

I clasped your fingers,

stiffened by hardened frost,

the wind moaning over my frame

drawing me in as I lay there,

my breath coming out like smoke,

puffs of condensation

collecting on your face.


And I dream of savoring chocolate,

of the chocolate that stays in my senses

in my mind, in my memories,

the chocolate that you shared with me

on that winter night,

the chocolate that seeped into the snow,

anchoring you to the earth

as I breathed life into you.


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