Wed, 05/01/2013 - 23:20 -- Ookamii


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(CHIME – rings the bell)
Have you any plan for after tonight?
(CHIME – rings the bell)
Have you any bed to take slumber till morn comes?
(CHIME – rings the bell)

Are there any lighted paths…
Secret trails…
Guarded ways…
To where you hasten…?
(Why are you so alone?)

Will you be missed…
Will he look…
Or find an excuse to seek a new maid yet…?
(Are you afraid?)

Take my hand…
(CHIME – rings the bell)
That’s it, fear not...
(Her hair is soft -)
And ask not why I grab at you so -
(CHIME –rings the bell)
And ask not why my hands are so rough -
(While yours are like pink, bruised silk-)
(CHIME – rings the bell)
And ask not why I’m taking you away ,
While strangers do not question ,
The eeriness of the moment ,
And the screams that engulf us in madness!
(CHIME – rings the bell)
(CHIME – rings the bell)
(CHIME – rings…)


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