A Child's Love

What Happen?

Between me and you, an innocent child’s love

That love like an ocean with its complex depth

Our innocent love that is now war

Our endless battle with no sign of peace

A calm ocean evolved into a tsunami


An innocent child’s love, Morphed into Chaos

Is it the age difference or just the need for conflict?

What happen to this warm love I long to know again?

As you kissed my cheek, that innocent child’s love

I long for your approval yet I wait with no satisfaction

I hate you, no; I hate what you’ve become

I long for my big brothers love

When times were simpler and we could coexist together


I long for that day when you will return

My big brother trapped in this new body

Mother tells us to love

Yet you treat me as though our blood is not the same

I will never get your approval or praise my brother

Is it I who has changed?


Those days you use to look at me with care in your eyes

I was a baby then we had not a care in the world

But brother something has changed sadly

You’ve changed believe it or not

Will we ever be the same?


Never have I longed for anything more like this love

It’s hard to understand why I need this love

I hardly understand myself to be honest

If you truly listening my dear brother

Bring back that innocent child’s love

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