A Child's Fear

Sometimes I wake up and think, “It just can’t be true,

That I have a mother as great as you,”

Every morning, as Dad and I get up to go away,

You always greet us, “good morning, and have a good day!”

While we are off at school and work,

You cook, and you clean, and go to the gym to “twerk”.

Now, as I prepare to leave and go to university,

You always make it a point to spend extra time with me.

While I won’t really be living that far away,

It won’t be the same as being able to see you every day.


While I might not miss the incessant nagging,

I will miss you, and Dad, and our dog’s tail-wagging.

As the time for me to leave comes near,

I have to tell you my biggest fear.

I want you to know, Mom, I appreciate all that you do,

From packing lunches, to cleaning up my poo.

Whenever I was being difficult, you smiled,

And you loved me just the same, because I am your child.

And on that note, I must tell you something long overdue;

I love you, Mom, and next year, I will really miss you.

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