The Children's Lament

Sat, 09/07/2013 - 19:57 -- ffentis


In they came,

Closing our shops,

Stealing our country,

Burning our crops.


In they came.

Taking my mother,

Changing our language,

Killing my brothers.


In they came,

Seizing our land,

Thinking to civilize,

Dragging by hand.


In they came,

Tall and fair,

Mocking the screams,

Shooting us glares.


In they came,

Their bellies are round,

Their claws are sharp,

Their laughs resound.


In they came,

Our hopes died,

Our dreams are bleak,

No one survived.


Out they went,

Our country left bare,

Us on their shoulders,

Silence in the air.



So powerful and deafening to the empathetic heart.

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