Children of the Darkness

Behind each face there is a story,

Behind each run down person there was once a time of glory.

In a world, who is so quick to judge, these juveniles put down.

They are merely people born in the wrong situations,

princesses and princes with broken crowns.

Told “you’ll never make it”, “you’re just like your pops”

“One day you’ll end up in the gutter, shot on the gang’s block”.


These faces are worn and weary, searching for something more.

These children grew up so fast, abused and ignored.

They turned to other sources and forms of love,

Alcohol, sex, blood, and drugs.

Digging their holes deeper into the ground,

One day their souls will be left in a compound.


These are children of the alleys

These are the faces of despair,

Their lives hang in the balance of evil and good,

Their souls are lost and stuck in the slums and the hood.

What many do not know is what is underneath,

A once innocent child who was forced fight demons unleashed.


All they need is a caring hand and a heart.

To keep them from an evil world, and to break them apart,

Apart from the hate, violence, and blood.


They need to be shown compassion and light from above.

These broken faces are more than so called  street vile and scum,

But children who need to be shown grace and love.


One day there may be world peace,

But for now we need to reach out to lost and try to complete,

Complete the chain of compassion and bring in the lost.

We must put down the guns, but at what cost.

Until that day comes we have to reach out.

There are children in the darkness,

Begging to be found. 










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