They do as we do and not as we say
That's just their way
They do it every day
They follow our example
Only at the wrong moment in time to give us a sample
They really are one of life's joys
But through the centuries they've learned to play us like one of their toys
Giving a little whimper then showing their temper
Only to be pardoned like a crook and get off the hook
As they age they'll go through many different stage
So be careful in which battles you wage
For they can go from sweet and adorable
To Bitter and horrible
But no matter how mischievous they are
Just remember that they're part of us
And that's their senseless actions will soon Holt
And they're no longer be a child
There'll be an adult

This poem is about: 
My family



Love you lauren cay fernau. My daughter and inspiration for this poem

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