For the Children

As a human, there are a few things you should know.

To remember and keep forever, wherever you may go.


You should probably know that you are a special treasure

To a family none could ever hope to measure


And soon you will grow into a different person with every passing day,

But you are you, and that will never go away.


You can be whatever you want to be

Or whoever- really, it’s not up to me!


You are beautiful, a living piece of art

Every single inch of you, right down to your heart.


Sometimes things will hurt, and sometimes you may cry,

But I’ll always be there for you, right by your side.


It’s okay to be afraid, but never let fear stop you

Be courageous, there is nothing you cannot do.


Life is a gift, live for every single moment.

Seize the day! It’s yours, you own it!


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