the childless mother

Fri, 04/19/2019 - 18:21 -- 15a1ah

can you hear the cries of the children never born

do their screams haunt you in your sleep

in your dreams, can you see their faces

do you see them the way we dreamed them to be

can you hold them in your arms

or do they slip through your hands

in their eyes,  can you see life

the lives they were supposed to live


...and their hearts...

can you hear the beating of their hearts

can your heart still beat the same way it used to

is your heart still filled with that endless love

or did your love come to an end just before...


can you hear all the lullabies never sung

can you hear them calling your name

the children

your children

they say they miss you

they say they forgive you

they say it’s dark where they are

won’t you shine some light for them

weren’t you supposed to be the light for them

you left them screaming in the darkness

forever waiting for your return…


can you hear their voices

they are calling to you

are you listening…

they are calling your name


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