Childhood Trauma




trauma shouldn’t go uncontested.


Assaults on your thoughts and emotions,

no hugs or kisses,

mom and dad dismissive?

 “Don’t be weak!”,

“What’s wrong with you?”,

“You’re a kid, you have no right to speak!”


This is still trauma,

we know it to be true,

when you shout and scream,

at kids as young as two.


Set high standards,

for grades in school,

yet without love,

kids won’t understand the rules.




you’re grounded,

no explanations except,

“I’m the head of the house!”,


Children may succeed,

do well at work,

but deep down inside,

question their worth.


Trust is hard,

as emotions get neglected,

bonding in childhood

never corrected.


Children need love,

more than food on the table,

or a roof over their heads,

to know that they matter,

lest their true selves get shattered.


Saying, “I love you”,

is not easy to do,

especially when culture

says that’s just too taboo.


If you’re scared, hurt, or lonely,

will someone take time to listen,

or will you get teased and compared 

to the proverbial chicken?


“Sticks and stones” do hurt,

but words can hurt even more,

especially if you know trauma,

more than feeling adored.





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