With child, with problems

You saw the world at a young age Now you headed to a job that don't pay minimum wageBut you putting ya life at stakeWith the money you'll be making you'll probably enjoy a steakOnly 18 but now you gotta make decisions of a grown manA life in your handsCall it state farmYou always say you're okay but I see the harmAnd You see her as a blessingI see her as a lesson Her mother can't see her, but she can feel herCan she feel herself having to grow up?You guys fucked and ended fucking up They say the baby come last in the carriage, before Is love then marriageWill the love grow or will it parish?You leaving, is that an act of being selfish?I swear you need to grow n see what this life is willing to showYou need to see the real and you need to heal I'm writing this at 3:27N I'm wishing you'll be good like its 11:11        


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