Child of the moon.

I appreciate you for being there every night, from the moment i was born to todays present.

Coming home from partys to nothing but an empty home and a cold bed, but always you. 

Id look out the window and search for some kind of warmth and comfort, Youd always be there. 

When i moved to a whole new city, nothing looked familiar but you. 

When the only person i thought i had left, my mother, left me, you stayed.

Days full of terror were always paused when you would show up.

You would put my moms horrible monster to sleep daily. 

Every day i hang on by a string, counting down the hours to see you.

You, Full of all my secrets and thoughts.

Having no one to speak to now today seems as a blessing because of you.

The fact that you cant answer me back is the thing i love most. You have no judgement.

You listen, unlike the others who just hear. 

You have made me what i am left of today, you are me. 

I thank you for helping me count the stars that live within me. 

Im brighter than i once knew. 

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My family
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