the child inside.

All around are familiar faces,
Faces that are here one day gone the next.

The pregnant teen ridiculed and left alone,
The voice in her head just repeats, "where are they now", "where is he now".
The special needs child, happy in his world, but the moment he steps out the vultures pick at him squaking names that make him feel like less of a person.

As if, it were their fault they are different

Then you have The aspiring teen that wishes for the day where they get to leave this prison like hell.
That does nothing more than encarcerate them in a "safe" home that was never a home.
The boy alone and self loathing, already at his end praying, just praying, that something or someone has the heart to pull him out of the dark and into the light and instead is greated as a freak, an outcast.
With this in mind he takes his own life leaving a hole that is automatically filled by another just like him.

How is it that we can all be tossed into a black hole of hate and disgust?
How can one hate onself so much, that they have to hurt someone else to feel happy with themself?
In the end were all just children playing a game.
Children who are scared, to scared to admit that they dont know whats next.

Children who are so unaware.

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