The child I carry



Seventeen years old and my mama hates me Could It be cause I'm carrying a strangers baby Or maybe it's cause I've been having sex for over four years I never knew my actions would bring my old lady to tears.  What am I do? I can't afford a child with my income I don't even take care of myself. How can I be so dumb.  My doctor says there's other options but I won't do that.  Give my baby up to strangers? No I won't do that.  But I know she needs a life where she can be loved and Cared for  And with another family she could get that and even more.  Teenage pregnancy? Nah, that wasn't my dream  But this child I carry has needs I can't provide. know what I mean?  Responsibility? I'm taking it, but not for me.  It's for this child that I carry inside of me.  


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