...a child herself


United States
45° 56' 4.5564" N, 118° 19' 31.5048" W

She paces back and forth,
Staring down at the tile
Of her small, cold bathroom.
With four walls that close in,
Slowly suffocating her.
Almost like the suspense
That makes her heart beat fast.
Her mind starts to race, with
Uncontrollable thoughts
Of the difference that
One, or two lines will make.
One line: untouched future.
Two lines: forever changed.
Two full minutes have passed.
Slowly, she walks over.
The counter her support.
She looks down for the answer.
Gasp. Two lines await her.
Her entire body goes numb
As the realization
That it’ll never be the same
Hits her like powerful punch.
What will her parents say?
What will her friends think?
One moment of pleasure
Has resulted in one
With big consequences.
Meanwhile, a baby starts
Growing in the stomach
Of a sixteen-year-old
That is a child herself.


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