Child Abuse Fears

Child Abuse Fears

These mythically beautiful
Conspicuously colored
Delicate juvenile birds
Need to venture out of the nest
Take off, the open aisle
Spread their wings
And learn to fly
Fly freely, low and high
In this lofty infinite sky
I too, wanted to pull out
The barriers of my security
And let my child glide
In immensely explorative sky
But then the thought of
Unclean and hateful
Wide winged, large and vicious
Oversized predators
sharing the same air space
Always in search of their preys
scared me to the extent
That I was overwhelmed
And denied the freedom
To my nestling.

Time to time
I buck myself up again
To open the door
Of the gilded custodial cage
Let my broodling explore
The grandly complex outer world
Gain the power to control
Own actions
Increase the richness of real-time experience
But then the threat stimulus
Triggers my mind
Forcing me to imagine
What if
This young and feeble fledgling
Falls prey to
The cruel and ugly masculinity
Of ferocious and vulturous
Beasts of prey-
The pedophilic carnivores!
I step back
Enhance the protection
Seizing the privileges
Of childhood from my little one!

Saima Qureshi ©️

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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