As A Child

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 16:03 -- DeAndaR

As a child

I always told stories

Stories of heros

Of Monsters

Of Men


But one day I found

A Book like no other

Where Rhyme made reason

And reason was rhyme


The words flowed through my mind

With a soft elegance

Filling a hole I’d yet to know existed


Desperate in my search

I found more poems

And grew more attached


Unable to escape the rhythm ingrained in my mind

I turned to paper

And scribbled down my stories

Only now Alliterations and Allusions

Metaphors replaced my descriptions

And Onomatopoeias adding the buzz


The stories I grew so fond of

Replaced with poems of my heart

Of my mind


And never once have I regretted

Picking up that book

“Where The Sidewalk Ends”

And seeing if I could find

Something new in the old

And seeing if I could find

My own voice


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