The Child

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 14:25 -- YaryVee

It wraps me up like a blanket
And i dont want to let go
I think it's keeping me warm
But in reality, it's the reason im cold
I seek warmth like a fly seeks light
But i stay in and try to convince myself that this is alright
I'll get through it
I'll move on
But im not getting any help
Nor am i getting stronger
My house is falling
I hear them calling
But i can't reach them.
We're not at the same level
Im feeling even more sick
Here i go again trying to figure out a solution
Medicines are being given
Family is loosing interest
Don't want to be dragged down
Don't want to stay 'till the conclusion.
What do i do? Do i let the darkness consume?
And these are the thoughts of that child in depression.


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