For Chi


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Don't give up. On life. On us. On me.
Don't leave when you want to stay.
Don't pretend to be okay.
Don't stop loving me.
Don't let go of me. Ever.
Don't stop believing.
Don't forget the memories, who you are, what we can be.

Do believe in forever.
Do tell me you love me.
Do hold onto me.
Do kiss me. Everyday. When we fight. When I cry. When I'm happy.
Do dance with me in the rain.
Do be spontaneous and interesting.
Do make a fool out of yourself.

Don't break my fragile heart.
Don't say it's over.
Don't lie to my face.
Don't think that I don't love you.
Don't leave my side.
Don't change who you are.
Don't cheat.

Do sit with me in the pouring rain.
Do cuddle with me during a movie.
Do keep me warm in the cold.
Do kiss me on the forehead.
Do forgive my mistakes.
Do sing with me in the car.
Do try and beat me at a game.

Don't tell me I'm "hot".
Don't say you love me if you don't.
Don't hold my hand if you don't want to.
Don't promise things you can't keep.
Don't give compliments if you don't mean it.
Don't make memories you want want to forget.
Don't hold things against me.

Do say "I do".
Do hold me tight when I cry.
Do hold my hand when I walk away.
Do kiss me when I'm talking.
Do let me be me.
Do make this relationship "ours".
Do be unique.

Don't think that life is easy.
Don't leave if it gets tough.
Don't pretend that we're "good".
Don't tell me to stop laughing.
Don't walk away when we fight.
Don't think that I'm always "okay".
Don't be a workaholic.

Do be a little bit sappy.
Do make me feel special.
Do accept my failures.
Do stare into my eyes.
Do push me on the swings.
Do pull me in close.
Do care.


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