Cheval Glass

Peering at the luminous cheval glass stands a wide eyed girl. 

Porcelain powder conceals 
  the freckles that she hides.
Flushing cheeks with rose before she enters the side—
Of the stage on which she plays every day.
 Lips of scarlet 
Lashes black as night
Face framed with golden locks curled tight.
As the curtain rolls back
The crowds will applaud
   not because of her image. 
For Vanity is flawed.
Kindness in her crystal eyes
Comfort in her smile
Words of encouragement
 ring throughout the aisle.
When the curtain closes
 Spectators disperse
It's evident 
 Her lines are not rehearsed. 
Clean face
Frizzy hair
The cheval glass reflects 
Gleaming in her left chest. 


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