Chest of Gold

My heart is a treasure chest and it renews. Every time it's broken it's reinforced by threads of experience, relentless endurance, courage, and wit. And each time these strands, they strengthen, lengthen, and fortify in my chest. Every time they're severed by a sharp blade they'e bound together again. One day these threads will dull those blades of reality, Because what's in this chest is an element that can't be broken down. It will glimmer even in the darkness. It is bountiful. Every man that carried me with him stored more of this precious element And buried the chest deep into the ocean trench so that not even he could retrieve it. Another sailor will chance upon the yellow glistening of my chest, He'll hold his breath and dive into the abyss of this salty sea leading straight into my chest He is beheld by my beauty, Sees my value and worth Not the superficial kind but my infinite shine. - Jomur Islam

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Our world


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