Cheery Devils and Sunlight

I'm wide awake.

Night fell long ago;

morning rose to take its place.

I hide my face

from the light.


The peace of sleep

never graced my pillow.


Instead the tumultuous waves

of worry and stress

tossed my hair--

strands tangled and strewn

looking so much like

the pieces of my life.


The birds chirp and warble,

the neighborhood rustles with life.

I hear the rest of the world wake up

and face the day I cannot bear. 

I hear them all--


The pain, the pain!

My heart comes crashing down.

Tears flow as sobs wreck my body.


I fall apart as my alarm

clamors for my attention

"Get up and face the day!"

It says too cheerily.


I stifle a scream with my pillow

and struggle to not do the same

to the cheery devil next to my bed.


The rest of the world starts a new day,

but I break down and disintigrate

when I cannot face the new day. 

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