cheer soliloquy

To cheer or not to cheer

risk the pain and injuries

compete or sit out

not qualifying, no more national title,

keep it or let it slip away, up

against the best, to go or not to go,

Most dangerous sport,

But not a sport?

More injuries than any other athletes.

The games; the rallies; the traveling; the competitions 

Why so many adventures?

filled with all this excitement, action, emotion

and A LOT of pain.

Girls and boys,

different personalities, various attitudes;

good days and bad days

all in's worth it.

many personalities turned into one big family,

now you have seventeen new brother and sisters;

coaches - just extended parents,

to fight, and argue.

They sometimes punish you.

For the best.

Just want the best for you; you wonder

To try or not to try

Giving up is easy, but No - can't fall in the trap

do you push yourself?

or let others do the work.

Sports bras, shorts, skirts, poms, jumps, dance, CHEER; needed

Cheer camp; new ideas and techniques.

keeping everything in mind,

is the pain and joy all in one worth. YES, cheer -

you are my forever love


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