Cheer Up Kid

Life to you is black and white

with a coat of gray in between

You fail to see the brighter side,

the red, yellow, blue, and green

The world is filled with color

with more to life than you'll ever know

Unless you burst out of your shell

and experience the sun that melts your snow

Don't let the mistakes of others control who you really are

Don't let past offences deter you from life

Dont let other people's comments make you lower your bar

Pick your head up and put on a smile

Put on your big kid boots and kick life in the teeth

When life gets depressing you could run for a mile,

but if you want to solve your problems stand up and sing

Noone can get you down when your soaring in the sky

Noone can get you down the higher you swing

So stand up and hold your head up high

Spread your wings and reach for the sky

because noone can catch you when you fly.




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