Checkmate on My Soul

We clicked the moment we first met, those eyes,
the way you spoke, the emotions you evoked.
Marie Curie couldnt create chemistry like ours;
Georges Lemaitre would call it the big bang 2.0.
We have a connection like Ice cube and WC.
Its of that westide nature, C walkin smooth like a G.
I hope you know I will love you forever, for eternity.
How we aren't together is perplexing I am stunned.
blessed to have you in my life, you are the only one.
You stimulate my mind and rejuvenate my soul.
The only girl that truly keeps it real.
No judgement;
No yelling,
Never an "I told you so."


Rice crispy

Good job you had a good flow , from this I'm taking you and your person aren't together


Adored it , sounds like rap , x.

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