where are you taking me?

far off in a distance?

am i running too fast?


far off in a date yet in existence


like the countless stars

broken like old glass

forgotten like my first laugh

fading fast like time's sands


I stretch out my arms to reach you in that hollow crater 


to shreds not

but in pieces vanished forever

everyday is the beginning of a new experiment


like an old man waiting for judgement day

like a lone wolf cast from it's pack

but in everyb ounce of pain i've felt

in every mistake i've made

i've learnt that there's no escaping the reality of this unbalnced life


But somehow 

time stands still

too much i even feel ill

my head spining in an endless trance 

like my drink with poison was lased

with a feeling like am falling in space


Like a sip of hemlock

my head throbs from the pain of thoughts you give me

great are the many battles i've fought

but non i've won

is it because am too weak to stand for myself

or maybe am just too scared to face the truth

what if i did?

would it change the fact that i can not overcome you

that i cannot conquer my own fears

how can i fill in these chasms of life?

with more tears and less smiles?

or maybe with more hells than heavens

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