Chase Money Not Honey #Society

Chase money not honey... Society


I don’t want none of these #chasemoneynothoneysociety boys.


 They can’t ever give me what I’m hoping for in a man.

I need someone who is determined, optimistic and is a go-getter.

Someone who puts school and family/important people first in their life.

Not one of these “f*ck boyz" 

who "chase money" all day and night. 

Some one who is experienced.

Some one who picks me up when I’m at my all time low.

Some one who knows all my flaws but still thinks I’m the definition of perfection.

Some one who corrects me and gives me positive and negative feed back when I need it.

Some one who knows 100% sure that he wants me and for more than just what I have between my legs;

Because lemme tell you something you don't know:

Every girl has that scared place in between... but not every girl has a graceful spirit, a caring and loving soul and most importantly have intelligence. 

They can use their body to get to where they need to be in life but trust and believe that that body ain’t gon' git em' out of everything. 

I need a man who is my other half because when put together we synchronize and have a soft, sweet melody that only we know the rhythm to. 

I need some one who doesn’t judge.

Some one who is cool breezing but serious when needed.

I just need some one who is real and straight up and doesn’t play childish games.

But honestly, these boys and even men sometimes be on that bullshit; so, I’m good ✌️✌️


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