The Chase

They say the chase is the best part.

No doubt it is,

but what is a chase 

if the other doesn't know about the race?


A race has to have a start and a finish

Eventually, I will have to end this race,

the chase.


But what if I'm not ready?

When are you ever ready?

For anything?


Tell them,

Tell them you love them before it's too late.

Tell them you care,

Tell them without flare


Just tell them geniunely.


My mind is bursting with imagination

My heart is bursting with feeling.

Stop being so afraid.

Finish that race.


It's a race that only you will be in,

that only you can win,

no matter the results.


To win alone or with them,

you will still win,

you will continue on to more races.

Just finish.



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