Charity starters

Charity starts at home don't we say? 
Be kind to your kith and kin come what may. 
A family's not only your safe haven 
Tis pals your very own roots 
Water these shoots with love devoid of hate 
So they bear you sweeter fruits.

Maybe you'd say that's not so easy 
but perhaps that's coz you just too busy 
Or your clock just don't chime 
for quality family time? 
For if you can't make time for a letter or a hug 
Then let my poem give your conscience a gentle tug.

And if this may sound like a very preachy homily 
Deserves much more mention and affection the family 
If you can make time for so many other things 
some of them not even worthwhile 
Try discover the happiness family brings 
Just a tad modify that routine lifestyle.

My words in crystal clear clarity 
sing compassion is likewise a charity 
Charity need not be for strangers only 
Find out who needs help in kindred and family 
Ties of kinship severe not 
Value the relations you've got 
Your siblings, cousins from your family tree 
and all else that you call family.

What supports and buttresses your family tree are your very roots
And what keeps the tree living on are your beloved offshoots
Love and care is required to reap the sweeter fruits



Nice message, and reads pretty easily, with a good rhythm.

I especially like the alliteraton in line 19. "Crystal clear clarity" rolls trippingly off the tongue.





Yeah I like clarity for my message. Thanks soo much for your nice comment. I think I read your poems too, but can't find them again as your name is not clickable ah.


Wow, that was interesting. I could feel the warmth you provided through your words. 

Absolutely fantastic!


Warm thanx for getting the warmth. Now I'm wondering if I have read yours too. But your name is not clickable so I can't find your poems ahh.


Warm thanks for the feedback. I must have read yours right? Gotta see.

ValanThia VV

Beautifully written, Love and care is required tor reap the sweeter fruits 


Love the sound as it flows, freely. Sometimes new word arrangements are most intriguing to me. Water these it!

Check out a friendship piece I posted, in light of your poem, I think you'll like it!


Thanks soo much for feedback. Yeah will check out yours.

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